At Blackwood Hills Baptist Church and our Village Churches we love to give generously to God’s work in the world.

We’ve now added a few extra options for you to give.

You can now give your one-off or recurring gifts in one of three ways - ONLINE HERE, via the GENEROUS APP or by TEXT 2 GIVE. See below.


LOGIN (here) using your Church Giving Account username/password, or, if this is your first time, +CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

Once you have entered your details all you need to do is login here on the WEBSITE or otherwise download the Generous App (see below) on your MOBILE DEVICE.

Thank you for living and giving generously!

Church Giving Number

Give quickly by sending a simple SMS/TXT message to our church giving number.

SMS to...

SMS > "give 100" > SEND (to the number above) if you want to give $100 or replace it with another amount, e.g. 20, 85, 300…

If your phone has been previously verified by the Generous Church Giving Platform all you need to do is respond ‘Y’ to the TXT response. First time users will need to verify their details and phone once only.

You can get more help here.

Giving Video

Download Generous App Here

You can download the Generous App for Apple or Android phones from Apple iTunes or Google Play Store below.